Truesdale Lake  

South Salem, New York

Lake Treatment Set for August 5, 2020 – Algae Treatment

Video: Pond and Lake Connection Fanboat in July 2020.

A Truesdale Lake algae treatment is scheduled for Wednesday, August 5.

UPDATE: due to road closures from hurricane isaias, lake treatment was moved to August 18.

Pond and Lake Connection will treat the lake with Se-Clear for algae on Wednesday, August 5 (

They will not apply any herbicide so there are no water usage or irrigation restrictions.

Treatment will be focusing on the coves and shallower areas but they expect to treat broadly where needed.

It may take a few days to see the effects of the treatment and treated algae may collect in the coves depending on wind and currents.

As the weather and the lake temperature gets warmer, the conditions are ideal for algae growth.

Algae clumps on the surface of the lake are actually beneficial to the health of the ecosystem. They absorb phosphorus and oxygenate the water. While the floating algae is a nuisance, it helps to prevent a more serious (blue green) algae accumulation in the water column depleting oxygen in the water which can cause harm to the fish and wildlife.

As with weeds, we want to manage the growth of beneficial algae to avoid a more significant problem and maintain a healthy environment for all of us to enjoy our lake.

Lara Gorton, Lake Management Chair

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