Truesdale Lake  

South Salem, New York

Lake Treatment July 1

Photo: Pond & Lake Connection fanboat on Lake Truesdale.

Pond & Lake Connection will be treating the lake for algae on Wednesday, July 1 as a preventative measure ahead of the July 4th holiday weekend.

The lake is looking very clear for this time of year with a nearly 4 foot clarity reading. The weather has been good for lake health so far this year but as the water warms up, there is a risk of algae blooms both in the water column and floating on the surface. It is recommended to treat ahead of any indication of algae growth.

Therefore, we plan a light treatment of SeClear on Wednesday. SeClear is a copper sulfate based algaecide and has been used at the lake with good results for the past few years. 

There are no swimming or water usage restrictions. See the website for further information

We continue to minimize the use of chemicals in the lake and strive for a more natural and balanced ecosystem. The lake draw down last winter has shown great success at reducing weed growth around the shoreline and seems to have helped keep the lake healthy this spring. 

Enjoy our beautiful lake and your 4th of July holiday!


– Lara Gorton TLPOA Lake Management Chair

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