Truesdale Lake  

South Salem, New York

Drawdown: Report 10

These are some of the email reports and communications from Scot Evans from Truesdale Lake, James Gorman from Pond & Lake Connection, and others involved with the project. Putting selected parts up here for all to see what some of the discussion and learning is looking like.

Summary: The 6” siphon continued flowing during this last two week period and we requested that P&LC restart both 12″ siphons.
On Wednesday 11/20, a Lake Planning Group Meeting was held with John Bergstrom, Robert & Susan Brown, Rob Cummings, Sue Enos, Scot Evans, Lara Gorton, Stephen Macaluso, and Harold Ossher attending.     

James Gorman and crew of P&LC restarted both 12” siphons Friday 11/22 at 10:30 am following the one inch of rain we received two days earlier, where the Lake Gauge started at -2.8 feet and steadily rose 8 inches to -2.1 feet.

With another inch of rain received yesterday, all siphons are flowing and we are currently -2.5 feet below the spillway.

Daily Observations:

TUE     11/12        LG -2.8’       Winter Storm Caleb arrives bringing rain and snow mix totaling only 0.05” liquid precipitation. Lake level rises 0.7”
WED    11/13        LG -2.7’       Inflow exceeds outflow with 6” siphon continuing to flow at 125 CFM. 
THU     11/14        LG -2.7’       Inflow matches outflow
FRI       11/15        LG -2.7’       Inflow matches outflow
SAT      11/16        LG -2.7’       Inflow matches outflow
SUN     11/17        LG -2.7’       Inflow matches outflow
MON    11/18        LG -2.7’       Inflow matches outflow
TUE      11/19       LG -2.5’       Inflow exceeds outflow as coastal low pressure cell moves in with steady light rain.
WED     11/20       LG -2.3’       Inflow exceeds outflow after receiving 0.87” rain. Lake Planning Group Meeting held.
THU      11/21       LG -2.2’       Inflow exceeds outflow.
FRI       11/22        LG -2.1’       Lake is a foot higher above target depth as P&LC arrives to restart both 12” siphons. All flowing at 1,100 CFM.
SAT      11/23       LG -2.4’       Outflow exceeds inflow. Winter storm is approaching from the southwest.
SUN     11/24       LG -2.5’       Storm brings another inch of rainfall today and all siphons are flowing.
MON    11/25       LG -2.4’       Inflow exceeds outflow.

Thanks, Scot, and thanks to James for the timely restart of the large siphons.
Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!
– Harold

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