Truesdale Lake  

South Salem, New York

Septic Pumping Discount for Truesdale Lake Residents

We have good news: Wind River Environmental is offering a discount on septic pumping and maintenance to Truesdale Lake area residents (Wind River was known for a few years as EarthCare which was formerly Kaiser-Battistone).

Base cost for pumping septic tanks 1,000 gallons or smaller is $300.00 (regular cost is $350.00) plus an environmental disposal fee ($3.00) and a fuel fee ($31.50).

A well maintained population of septic tanks and systems in our watershed is vital to the ongoing health of Truesdale Lake.

From the Westchester County GIS system with septic pump out dates overlaid on individual properties. Some information may be out of date if a septic contractor does not fill out or submit their required paperwork. KEEP YOUR RECEIPTS so you can prove you got your tank pumped if the county comes calling!

Westchester County law requires septic systems be pumped at a minimum every 5 years. Septic pumping companies in Westchester have been required to report their pumping activities to the county since 2011. The county now has a list of the status of all septic tanks in the county. This information is publicly available online in the Westchester County GIS system.

Starting in May 2016 if you have not pumped your septic in the last 5 years, you can be fined by the county starting at a minimum of $200 and increasing from there.

Click above image to view EPA brochure on Septic Systems

Most households need pumping done more frequently than every 5 years. Recommendations are at least every 2-3 years to maintain an optimal working septic system.

Pumping frequency depends on the number in the household and the size of the septic tank. Many lake area septic tanks are smaller size — 250 gallons or so — and need more frequent pumping. Some of the smallest need pumping once a year.

A septic system is not something you want failing at your house. It is very expensive ($10-20,000 and up) to rebuild a failed septic system, especially with limited acres to place a new field.

Contact name and number for Wind River Environmental is Isabel Lazo at 800-428-6166 ext. 4116.

If you have a question about septic systems and the law in Westchester County, call Patty Tornello-Adams at the Westchester County Department of Health at (914) 864-7360.

More information about septic systems and the law in Westchester can be found here:

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