Truesdale Lake  

South Salem, New York

October 19 Lake Drawdown Article in Record Review Newspaper

I write a bi-weekly column in the Record-Review ( called “Talk of The Town” about current events in Lewisboro. Occasionally I will also write an article and submit photos about various topics and events in town.

A few weeks ago (Oct 19 edition) I wrote about the Truesdale Lake drawdown.

I encourage anyone who is interested in local news to subscribe to this paper which publishes every Friday and is only available in print form. The more Lewisboro subscribers the more they cover in town. The Record Review is the Newspaper of Record” for the Town of Lewisboro. This means they publish all of the town’s meeting and legal notices as required by NY State law. And they cover Town Board meetings, Planning Board Meetings, Zoning Board meetings, and School Board meetings.

I have attached the drawdown article – and the top half of my Talk of The Town article – to this post (see below). A bunch has happened since then with the drawdown – check the Nextdoor Truesdale site for updates and comments.


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