Truesdale Lake  

South Salem, New York

June 19 @8:15pm – Truesdale Lake Planning Group meeting

There will be a meeting of the Truesdale Lake Planning Group this coming Tuesday, June 19th at the South Salem Presbyterian Church at 8:15 PM (following the annual TLPOA meeting).

Last June several lake residents gave a  presentation regarding the possibility of hydro-dredging the lake to remove some of the accumulated sediment.

After that meeting an ad hoc group, made up of  volunteers from around the lake, was formed to investigate the feasibility and costs associated with hydro-dredging.  Many Truesdale Lake residents contributed to the cost of hiring a consulting firm to advise us.

The ad hoc group, now known as  the “Truesdale Lake Planning Group,” has spent a year exploring hydro-dredging and other solutions to reduce or remove sediment and improve the health of the lake.

At the meeting on June 19 we will report on the work of the Planning Group, the report of the consultant from Environmental Land Solutions, the details of our recent meeting with the DEC regarding the removal of sediment and a report of future plans for managing the lake and improving the health of the lake.

Please attend the meeting if you can and tell your friends and neighbors to join us too.  Hope to see you there.

-TLPG Members

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