Truesdale Lake  

South Salem, New York

Associations Around Truesdale Lake

Truesdale Lake has two large associations and one small association. In addition there are about a dozen riparian houses (i.e. on the lake) but in none of the associations. We call these “unaffiliated” households.

Below is a map of the associations, click here for a larger view of the map or to move around.

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TLPOA is in purple, TEA is in blue, Vreeland is in yellow, and Lake Shore Drive unaffiliated houses are in red.

There are also two other categories: TEA Late (Flag) and TEA Expelled (sad face).

TEA Late households are late in paying their annual dues by nearly two years and are in danger of being expelled from the TEA unless they bring their account current. TEA Expelled members have been kicked out of the association for non-payment of member dues beyond two years.

All TEA properties retain lake rights in the deed — but the expelled homeowners are no longer eligible to join the TEA as members and have lost their ability to participate in lake and association decisions. If the expelled property is sold, the new owners will be invited to join the association.

A complete listing of properties for each association can be found here:

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