Truesdale Lake  

South Salem, New York

August 5th Algae Treatment Postponed

An update from David Sachs: Good morning to you all. We just got this note from Allied Biological – the folks who treat the lake. It is not good news – but I thought you all should know. We will schedule a conference call with them to see what our other options might be. Here is what they just told us:

Today’s algicide treatment scheduled for control of unicellular algae within Truesdale Lake will have to be postponed due to current lake conditions (4” Secchi at the south end, an 8” Secchi in the north end, and dissolved oxygen already at 12 ppm). The biologist collected a water sample for algae identification that we will try to identify in the lab when he gets back this afternoon.

I have received several client calls within the last couple of days indicating lakes that are experiencing unexpected algae blooms. Visual observations include heavy shoreline clumps, blue-green streaking on the surface, surface accumulations that look like paint in the water, green pollen on the surface and low clarity (secchi) readings. Some lakes have opted to close their beaches until the algae clears out or the lake conditions change so that treatment can be conducted.

My recommendation is to keep an eye on the lake conditions. They can change for the good or bad from morning to afternoon. Keep the aeration systems operating. If the shoreline accumulations increase and the secchi readings don’t improve, then it may be necessary for safety reasons to close the beaches. Hopefully some rain will come through within the next day or two which could alleviate the situation.

I will review the schedule with Glenn [Sullivan, President of Allied Biological] later today and will advise on how soon we could schedule a follow up visit.

We will let you know as soon as we know more.


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