Truesdale Lake  

South Salem, New York

Beach & Lake Update

Allied came to the lake yesterday and found oxygen levels too low for an algae treatment. When water heats up, its ability to hold dissolved oxygen goes down. If an algaecide treatment were made in current conditions it could cause oxygen levels to go down quickly and cause a fish die-off — which we want to avoid.

Last night we had over one inch of rain. This should help the lake and the fish — adding oxygen and cooling the water temperature. Conversely, there is heavy runoff, meaning that nutrients are running into the lake and the sediments are being disturbed . Bottom line, only time will tell how the lake will react in the next few days. After a long conversation with Allied, we have decided that the lake needs some time to calm down. We also have been instructed to keep the lake level on the high side.

Allied will come again to attempt a treatment this coming Monday, July 29th conditions permitting.

We still have not heard from the DEC about their Blue-Green Algae tests. We will update the site when they contact our CSLAP volunteers, Deb Fink and Ray Morse, with any further information.

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