Truesdale Lake  

South Salem, New York

Proposed Lake Management Program 2013

All residents in the Truesdale deeded lake rights households (as well as downstream households) will receive a letter about our Proposed Lake Management Program for 2013.

The letter can be found here along with links to the various herbicides our treatment company may use in the upcoming spring and summer.

If you need further information regarding treatments, or require hard copies of the product labels, please contact Pam Santare, TLPOA at 914-763-3403 (leave name and address on machine if necessary) or Allied Biological Inc at 908-850-0303 during business hours.

Below are the safety labels for the treatments we use or will potentially use on Truesdale Lake.

  • [download id=”40″]
  • [download id=”41″]
  • [download id=”42″]
  • [download id=”43″]
  • [download id=”44″]
  • [download id=”45″]

The NY State DEC (which regulates aquatic herbicides) has traditionally required each homeowner get copies of these safety sheets every year. The material in them does not change. We believe most people do not keep them so we were give permission to put them on the website for yearlong access anytime someone had a question. This should save on mailing costs and reduce the amount of paper we consume.

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