Truesdale Lake  

South Salem, New York

Storm Debris Will NOT Be Picked Up By The Town

Dear Neighbors,

It is confirmed, the town is not chipping the debris from personal property left over from the snow storm of two weeks ago.  It is every property owner’s responsibility for the disposal of branches that fell on their property.  The following contractors have worked in this community and come highly recommended.  They have chipping equipment and they may be called directly to take care of your branches.  If you have not already done so, please make arrangements as soon as possible.  The contractors are backed up and it is important to get your name on the list.  Please do not wait until spring unless you plan to move your debris into your back yard.

Many of these contractors also have equipment for leaf pick up if you wish to discuss your leaf pick up needs.

Tom Beck   914.763.5746

Bryan Bunker 914.763.3850 (chipping only)

Rocco Cambareri   914.755.1163

Bill Finke   914.763.5237

Nery Luna   914.438.4085

Please make sure your branches and leaf piles do not encroach on the road – they are too narrow to be compromised.  If you have a lawn service, please instruct them to make sure leaves are left on your property.   There is absolutely NO DUMPING on any association property or in the lake.  (All association properties are wetlands and fines will be levied by the town to anyone dumping.)

A word from all of the contractors:

  • Keep your leaf pile and branches separate.
  • Remove sticks from  your leaf pile – the vaccuum hoses get clogged and or damaged and it takes more time for pick up and will cost you more.
  • Make sure your leaf pile is on your property and not in the road.
  • Have your chipping done and leaf pick up taken care of before the snow falls.  Once the leaves are wet, frozen or covered with snow, they are much heavier and harder to collect, which adds to the cost.  If plows go through and mixes the leaves with snow, pick up becomes major difficulty.

Thank you.

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