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The Canadian Geese population on Lake Truesdale varies from year to year and until now there was no local legal way to humanely control the population. The organization below offers training and information on geese control strategies. Several lake residents have gone through the training and can train others who are interested.

Note that unless you have the proper training, certification, and permits, any disturbance of Canadian Geese (adult, gosling, nests, or eggs) is a violation of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918 and a federal crime. However, due to the exploding population of “resident Canada geese,” the Fish and Wildlife Administration is considering Resident Canada Goose Management strategies. (also see Q&A section)

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Each spring geese return to their place of birth or to areas where they have previously nested. They mate in February and March and begin nesting in April. Beginnings in early April nests are located and the eggs oiled (coated with corn oil). Nesting season is over in early to mid May.

During this period geese should be allowed on site for the purposes of mating and nesting. If geese are prevented from returning and nesting in known locations, the geese will nest anyway, somewhere in the vicinity, but in places where GeesePeace volunteers or you may not be able to locate the nests. The result is you still have goslings on your site. If nesting is taking place near your water body/property, it is also important that all property owners are contacted and encouraged to participate in the egg oiling program. Geese parents will walk their goslings to the water body closest to where they were born.

When there are few or no goslings, the effectiveness of the other integrated strategies is greatly enhanced. When there are goslings, geese parents will not leave and other members of the flock will also stay around.

Don’t Feed The Geese!


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