Truesdale Lake  

South Salem, New York

2005 CSLAP Report Published and Available


Volunteers from Lake Truesdale are out on a weekly basis monitoring various indicators of water quality. The NY State DEC funds the aggregation of the volunteer data from throughout NY State and publishes a report each year covering the prior year.

Click here to download the report in pdf format.

Excerpt from beginning of the report:

The Citizens Statewide Lake Assessment Program (CSLAP) is a volunteer lake monitoring program conducted by the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) and the NYS Federation of Lake Associations (FOLA). Founded in 1986 with 25 pilot lakes, the program has involved more than 200 lakes, ponds, and reservoirs and 1000 volunteers from eastern Long Island to the Northern Adirondacks to the western-most lake in New York, and from 10 acre ponds to several Finger Lakes, Lake Ontario, Lake George, and lakes within state parks. In this program, lay volunteers trained by the NYSDEC and FOLA collect water samples, observations, and perception data every other week in a fifteen-week interval between May and October. Water samples are analyzed by certified laboratories. Analytical results are interpreted by the NYSDEC and FOLA, and utilized for a variety of purposes by the State of New York, local governments, researchers, and, most importantly, participating lake associations. This report summarizes the 2005 sampling results for Lake Truesdale.

Lake Truesdale is an 83 acre, class B lake found in the Town of Lewisboro in Westchester County, in the Lower Hudson River basin of New York State. Lake Truesdale was first sampled as part of CSLAP in 1999. The following volunteers have participated in CSLAP, and deserve most of the credit for the success of this program at Lake Truesdale: Debbie Fink, Ray Morse, David Robinov, Tricia Singer, and Gary Struve.


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