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South Salem, New York

Lake Tonetta Gets State Approval for Sterile Grass Carp to Control Weeds

Link to full article from THE JOURNAL NEWS (Original publication: May 14, 2006) here: <>

Summary: Lake Tonetta in the town of Southeast, NY has received DEC permits that will allow them to introduce up to 485 sterile triploid grass carp to their lake in order to control weed growth.

The permits took 19 months for approval. The cost of the 485 carp for the 73 acre lake is estimated at $3,000. A carp barrier (for an additional $3,000) must also be built so the outflow from the lake does not take the carp downstream.

img429a3fa951399The Brewster School District is also involved via their Kids for Carp Project.

Lake Truesdale: In May 2005, the Truesdale Lake Website ran an article about carp and weed control including pros and cons and many links to relevant sites. The same issues face us today.

As the weeds grow in another season, perhaps it is time to revisit this perennial topic?


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