Truesdale Lake  

South Salem, New York

Truesdale Lake Boat Inventory Underway – Get Stickers For Your Boats ASAP!

A Truesdale Lake Boat Inventory is underway! 

Iunstickered-boat-truesdalef you are a property owner with deeded TEA or TLPOA rights and you have an unstickered boat on any of the properties around the lake, you must apply for a boat sticker - the boat sticker form can be found by clicking here.

Registration is free and available to members in good standing of the TEA, TLPOA, Vreeland Association, and unaffiliated Lake Shore Drive riparian households.

The primary properties affected are:

TLPOA properties
-Corner of Gilbert and Indian Lane, near the dam
-Vacant TLPOA lot at 67 Lake Shore Drive)
-other smaller TLPOA lots around the lake

TEA property
-Large lot at the corner of Lake Shore Drive and Gilbert Street (across the street from 68 & 72 Lake Shore Drive)

The purpose is to ensure that every boat kept at these private shared lots is registered to a TLPOA or TEA homeowner.

Only TLPOA or TEA deeded members are permitted to store their boats at the respective TLPOA or TEA lots. 

Any boats that remain at these sites without stickers will either be given to a charitable organization or be sold with proceeds donated to a charitable organization.

The Lake Associations need to do this from time to time for various reasons including but not limited to:
-Stopping invasive plant and animal species from being introduced into the lake (e.g. watermilfoil, zebra mussels, snakehead fish).
-Ensuring access to the lake is restricted and private.
-Eliminating trespassing on private properties.
-Reducing liability.

The lake is entirely private, with no public access at all. All land around the lake is owned privately, including the dam and the land underneath the dam roadway. Even the lake bottom itself is owned by the Truesdale Estates Association. (And yes, TEA pays property tax on this 83.3 acres of “open space” - see town tax map 36, lot #8.)

If you have any questions, please use the Contact Us link at the left side. We will forward your note to the appropriate association. TLPOA contact is Mark Patek, for TEA inquiries, contact Robert Cummings.

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