Truesdale Lake  

South Salem, New York

Local Vet Says Pick Up After Your Dog

(this letter was sent to the Lewisboro Ledger and printed in their March 4, 2004 issue)

I live on Truesdale Lake. It is a hidden treasure with beautiful views for any season.

This morning I went for a jog and was taken aback by the amount of dog feces (a.k.a. poop) I had to jump over during my 3 mile run around the lake.

Many people enjoy walking the lake loop because of the gorgeous water views but to have to watch every step you take because of the tremendous amount of dog feces is just not right.

Not only is it unpleasant to step on, but there are also some serious health reasons for avoiding dog poop. Dog feces can carry potentially harmful pathogens to humans and other pets alike. Certain diseases such as Toxocarosis (Roundworm infection) and Ancylostomosis (Hookworm infection) can be transmitted to other dogs and possibly children by the ingestion of contaminated feces. (continues… click “Read More..” below)

As a veterinarian, I treat many cases of roundworm and hookworm infection in my patients every week. I routinely deworm all puppies and kittens 2- 4 times before they are even 16 weeks of age. Even older animals can become infected with roundworms and/or hookworms if they ingest contaminated feces.

Animals that are not routinely dewormed can be unknowingly infected with these parasites. Infected animals can then shed microscopic eggs in their feces, which can then transmit the disease to other animals if the poop is “accidentally” ingested. Eggs may remain in the soil for many months and contaminate the environment. Young children should not play in areas contaminated with dog feces.

If you would like more information on how roundworms and hookworms infect humans, go to the Centers For Disease Control Website at Search the alphabetical list under roundworms and hookworms. See how serious these diseases can be for you and your beloved pets.

I’d also like to mention that according to our Town Clerk Kathleen Cory that although the town doesn’t “have a “pooper scooper” law–our town code says dogs can’t make the “deposit” on the road in the first place.

As a resident of Lake Truesdale, I want to say enjoy your walks, take your pets out for exercise, enjoy the beautiful views,
but please pick up after your dog.

Thank you,
Carol Gamez D.V.M.

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