Truesdale Lake  

South Salem, New York

Algae Treatment Report from August 18th, 2016

Solitude Lake Management came on Thursday August 18th to inspect, test, and treat the lake. Since the conditions were favorable (good dissolved oxygen levels), the algae treatment was performed.

From the report (also attached):

Inspected Lake: Observed elodea, lilies, unicellular and floating filamentous algae. Lake conditions similar to previous visit with slightly diminished water quality.

Moderate filamentous algae remains in south end of lake, but over 50% of visible floating algae is dead. It is just sitting on top of moderate bed of elodea (topped out or just below surface). Lake green throughout, but previous treatment seems to have gotten rid of trace blue-green clumps. North lake clear of plants in corner but maintains moderate band of elodea and filamentous algae.

Some of this algae is dead as well, but has no place to drop out because of plants. Copper sulfate applied for unicellular algae control.

Screenshot 8:23:16, 10:50 PM-2

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