Truesdale Lake  

South Salem, New York

TEA Beach Cleanup This Sunday May 23 starting @ 10am

We will be getting the TEA beach ready for the summer season this Sunday May 23rd starting at 10am.

First things include getting the swimming dock floated and tied up along with the swimming float ropes — if you can come at 10am sharp this is when we need the most muscle!

Please come out if you can to help spread the new sand out as well.  Other projects include installing a chain for the lower driveway, cleaning out the shed, firing up the aerators, installing shelves in the shed, putting in new geese fencing for the beach, and planning out new landscaping for the new entry area.

The beach opens for the summer the weekend after this one — Memorial Day weekend.  There will be lifeguard hours every weekend from Memorial Day through June 26th and then regular beach hours every day except treatment days which will be posted on this website and are typically done on mondays.

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