Truesdale Lake  

South Salem, New York

Description of Lake Truesdale Stormwater Improvement Projects and Estimated Cost

Image Captured By: JC&P, LLC

Image Captured By: JC&P, LLC

We have made available descriptions of the 6 stormwater improvement areas. To link to the document on this website, click here.

From Mike Bartoss of Land-Tech Consultants:

This memo is for your use in preparing an application for a financial grant to help pay for drainage improvements around Truesdale Lake. These drainage improvements are intended specifically to reduce the flow of sediment and adsorbed nutrients into the lake.

There are six sites where work is proposed. For each site, we have prepared a brief description of the proposed work, benefit(s) of doing the work, an approximate cost estimate, and an estimate of the amount of time to complete the work.

To the estimated time to compete the work should be added a substantial amount of time to acquire temporary and permanent easements on private property for the initial construction and the subsequent maintenance. Additional time will also be required to obtains permits for the work and to select and engage one or more contractors. For Site #4, it will be prudent to select the contractor first, then revise the plans to accommodate his methods and equipment if necessary. Finally, the work at Sites 1, 3, 5 & 6 is best completed while the lake water level is drawn down for the proposed dam repairs.

NOTE: the grant money plus town matching/like-kind funds is not enough money to accomplish all of these projects, but it will offset the amount of money that will be needed for the proposed/discussed Truesdale Lake tax district.


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