Truesdale Lake  

South Salem, New York

Truesdale Leaf Pickup Week of November 28th, 2005

According to a town highway department bulletin dated October 19th, 2005, the Truesdale Lake neigborhoods will have leaf pickup during the week starting Monday, November 28th.

This is a very important service the town provides to the lake communities. It keeps a large amount of organic leaf material from ending up in the lakes where it would otherwise be fertilizer for next spring’s weed growth. Your help and cooperation is needed and appreciated!

Be sure to thank Peter Ripperger and the highway department crews if you see them on their rounds!

Note the following from the letter:

– Do not put the leaves out too early.
– Do not put leaves in the roadway, they must be brought to the edge of the road.
– We will not go onto private property to retrieve the leaves…

LEAVES ONLY! No brush, tires, branches, etc. will be accepted.

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