Truesdale Lake  

South Salem, New York

Summer’s Here – Recap of Beach Rules for Associations

Welcome to Summer on Truesdale Lake!  Please enjoy the lake and the beaches!

Each association has rules about beach usage.  They are here:

TLPOA – Gilbert Street Beach

TEA – Truesdale Lake Drive Beach

Boat storage is only allowed on designated boat storage properties around the lake.  Check your association for the locations.

One Comment

  1. Hi. Frustrated by fallen tree in lake by 49 Truesdale Lake Drive? Though house remains vacant, I am. Even though it technically is in province of TEA, being in the lake, I have someone coming this week to try and winch it bit by bit to shore, where it can be further cut up. (My son, when he was still living at address before his marriage and move to London 3 years ago, had cut up as much as he could previously when it fell in the lake.) Wish me luck!

    Babette Kiesel