Truesdale Lake  

South Salem, New York

Truesdale Fishing Rules 2021

Truesdale Fishing Tag Application link

Lake Members:


As many of you are aware, last year we had a substantial increase in folks who were not members of the associations fishing on our dam and bringing boats into the lake. 

This resulted in fishing in restricted areas, blocked traffic, the death of wildlife entangled in snared and discarded fishing lines, and significant amounts of garbage left behind for residents to clean up. 

This has led to the unfortunate need to increase enforcement of our private lake rights to reduce the harm to our ecosystem and property.

To keep our lake community and wildlife safe, the boards of TLPOA and TEA have jointly agreed to require and issue a Fishing Permit Tag to association members in good standing who would like to fish on association properties.

There is no cost for a tag. Tag request link is below.

Signs will be installed reminding everyone that this is a private lake and fishing permits are required. These actions were implemented based on the results of the lake wide survey from 2020 and some good old fashioned common sense. The link to the survey results is below.

Link to 2020 Fishing Survey and results:

These steps will help to mitigate the increased issues experienced over the past couple of years and will empower the police to help us enforce the law and rules of our lake if they are called.  

Any member can nicely ask the folks using our dam to fish to see their tag if it is not displayed, politely ask them to leave if they are not a property owner.

If you wish to avoid the conversation completely you can contact the boards at,, or call the Lewisboro Police directly at (914) 763-8903. 

If any member feels they are fine with non-owners using the dam, just keep enjoying your walk or drive. No one is forced into being a security guard for the neighborhood.

The summary of our rules are really simple…

1 – You must be a member of one of the Lake Associations and required to have your new Fishing Permit Tag with you while fishing on the dam, boatyards, and in a boat

2 – You must accompany any guests you may invite over while they are fishing

3 – No fishing on the beaches

4 – Clean up after yourself

Link to the Full Fishing Rules and Regulations:

To request your fishing tag, please click here…

Thank you,

The TLPOA Board of Governors


The TEA Board of Directors

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