Truesdale Lake  

South Salem, New York

Ice Safety Tips

With ice formed over much of the lake and deep cold overnight temps over the last week, weekend ice skating might be a thing this weekend for the first time this year!

Before venturing out, check the ice safety tips on the website here.

Always go with a buddy and tell others where you are going. Places where the water flows underneath tend to have thinner ice. Also closer to shore ice is also thinner. But these are guidelines and not always perfectly true. Exercise caution always — and note where residents have placed rescue ladders.

From the TLPOA Winter 2021 Newsletter with a handy guide to making an ice-thickness measuring device. (click image to view full newsletter)

If you go out – take photos! Send them to and we can post them here. Or if you are an instagram user tag them with #truesdaleskating #truesdalelake and mention @laketruesdale.

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