Truesdale Lake  

South Salem, New York

Lake Treatment for Phragmites TODAY 9/29/20

Photo: Pon & Lake Connection fanboat surveying and treating today.

Pond & Lake Connection was out on the lake this morning treating phragmites which are an invasive species of reed that grows along the shoreline. The herbicide used was Clearcast. There are no water usage restrictions.

Phragmites proliferate quickly and grow into the lakebed causing marshy outgrowth and reducing shoreline access. They are particularly bad in the south end of the lake around the TEA beach area where Pond & Lake is concentrating their efforts. Phragmites treatment was also made in selected other spots around the lake. In addition, spot treatments of cutrine for algae control were also made.

Read more about phragmites here:

Thanks – TLPOA Lake Management Team

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