Truesdale Lake  

South Salem, New York

Mid-Season Sunfish Fleet #27 Race Update

Week 5 Recap

Latest race last Sunday saw some gusty wind conditions with lead changes and a brand new racer!

Season Race #9 finish order:

Season Race #10 finish order:

Season standings are here:

Skip is keeping ahold of the overall lead for total points and has taken over the per race average lead. Jonathan is #2 overall in race average and is in the hunt for first overall. Rob, Kevin, Ira, Paul, Eric, and new racer Elizabeth round out the 8 active sailors so far in 2020.

Only the best 10 races count towards season scoring. Once we start dropping races next week things will get more interesting. This is especially true if the later races have more sailors which makes the races have point potential and higher stakes.

All sailors are welcome! Beginners get a 2 minute head start. Course direction and length is determined on Sunday by wind conditions and prevailing direction. 90% of the time the wind is out of the North but that can vary even during the races.

Need a boat? Let us know.. we may have one available. Email

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