Truesdale Lake  

South Salem, New York

Drawdown: Report 5

These are some of the email reports and communications from Scot Evans from Truesdale Lake, James Gorman from Pond & Lake Connection, and others involved with the project. Putting selected parts up here for all to see what some of the discussion and learning is looking like.

October 15, 2019

Good afternoon James, 

Starting the 6” siphon remains at your convenience. We are maintaining the target depth, where evaporation is nearly keeping up with the inflow. 

Today is 2.9 feet below the spillway. One week ago was 3.1 feet below spillway.

During the last 9 days, we received 1.03 inches of rain which was mostly absorbed by the dry ground of West Mountain and surrounding area with little inflow from the Boway Stream:

Summary: over the past two weeks with no siphons operating, we received 1.5 inches of rain with a lake level rise of 3 inches. This is a multiplier of 2 times the rainfall amount. 

We remain in drought conditions with ground absorption and evaporation the overriding factors beyond inflow. When the ground becomes saturated, we will see the multiplier rise rapidly. 

Great. Thanks for the update. I keep driving by every time I am in the area. I am scheduled to hook up the 6″ pipe on Friday. I will probably also fire up a 12″ due to the fact that we will probably get a good rain here today and tomorrow. 

In a perfect world when is the “end date” of the draw down. 


James –

We finally have some impressive storm results to give you after the 3.34” of rain we received last night.

When the storm ended at midnight the lake rose 5.5 inches. 

Eight hours later, my reading just now shows a rise of 9.0 inches. 

So your plan to hook up the 6” and fire up the 6” and one 12” tomorrow is excellent. 

Your plan is great timing too, since by the time you get them flowing, I will have had four full eight hour periods after rainfall ended to report to Harold. 


(more detail on this storm is in next report)

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