Truesdale Lake  

South Salem, New York

Lake Survey Report – July 13th, 2016

Screenshot 7:18:16, 3:41 PM

From the report:

7/13/16 Survey of Lake Truesdale

The water column was green with unicellular algae. North of the launch and up along eastern shore displayed Elodea in sparse patches. Denser infestation in the northeastern cove covered with filamentous algae. The northern end by the spillway displayed trace patches. Down the western shoreline, the Elodea becomes sparse to moderate density to the cove area just south of west beach. Then the density increases with moderate patches scattered around the cove.  Past the island, down to the southern end and back along the launch, the Elodea becomes very dense with filamentous algae clinging to topped out plants. The lake center displayed stray patches of Elodea with 90% of the plants topped out.  Water samples collected for algae county. Spoke with Lara Gorton on site. She noted that the lake has been used more this year than compared to last year.

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