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Sunfish Fleet #27
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TruesdaleLake.com migrating to new system
Posted by rjc23 on 2009/10/19 00:00:00 (please read!)

We are in the process of upgrading the lake wesbite to a new system. All of the information should be here but in case you can't find something you need, click the Contact Us link to the left. Thanks!

Posted by rjc23 on 2009/10/13 15:33:07 (12 reads)

Saturday October 17th
10 a.m. 2 p.m.
Rain or Shine

Lakeshore Drive near Gilbert Street

This will be a silent auction of several boats located on Lakeshore Drive. Bids will be accepted in person between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. Simply write your bid on the paper attached to the boat(s) you are interested in. To see pictures of the 10 boats we currently have to auction, click here (or click on the photos to the right):


At 2 p.m., all bids will be closed and the highest bidder will be notified. Payment must be made at that time preferably in cash. No credit cards will be accepted. Once payment is made, the winner then takes ownership and responsibility for their boat.

If you have a boat you would like to donate to the sale, please contact Andrew Natale. Proceeds from the sale will pay for expenses we incurred for the disposal of junk boats and for building new boat racks for kayaks and canoes.

If there are any questions, please click on the Contact Us link to the left and we will forward your question to Andrew Natale. Hope to see everyone there. Good Luck!

Link to Photos of Boats at Picasa

Posted by rjc23 on 2009/8/21 13:30:58 (41 reads)

The Annual TEA Clambake is set for Saturday, September 12th, 2009 beginning at 6:30pm. The event will be held at the TEA Beach on Truesdale Lake Drive and is open to TEA Members, Associates, and their guests.

If you are a Member In Good Standing of TEA, a 2009 Summer Associate Member, or other invited guest, you should have received a mailing inviting you to the party with RSVP and payment instructions. (if you did not get this invite or lost yours, click the "contact us" link to the left and we'll forward your note on to the right person).

There will be a DJ, your choice of Lobster, Chicken, or Steak entree (send your preference with RSVP), steamers, corn-on-the-cob, and potatoes. BYO appetizers, drinks, dessert, and table-height chairs.

Thanks to Carol Gamez, Debbie Fink, and everyone else who is helping to organize the event!

Anyone who is interested in helping out this year, please contact Carol Gamez (763-5364) or click the "contact us" link to the left of this story.

See you there!

PS: There are also "What Happens at The Clambake Stays at The Clambake" shirts available. To place your order call Carol!

Posted by rjc23 on 2009/8/18 15:40:13 (62 reads)

Bid materials have been posted by the town and contractors have started walking the site and are preparing bids for the Truesdale Lake Site #3 (TEA Beach) project.

Bidding closes August 25th, 2009. The town and lake representatives will review bids after bidding has closed.

To view other files related to this project, click here to see directory links for files you can download.

If you are a contractor, you can request a bid materials packet from the Town of Lewisboro on Main Street in South Salem, NY.

If you are a resident of Truesdale Lake and have a question about this project, please click the "Contact Us" link on the left hand side and let us know your question(s).

Prior related links:
Engineering Plans 2006 - http://www.truesdalelake.com/modules/mydownloads/singlefile.php?cid=5&lid=48
Project Writeups 2006 - http://www.truesdalelake.com/modules/mydownloads/singlefile.php?cid=5&lid=44
Project Writeups 2005 - http://www.truesdalelake.com/modules/mydownloads/singlefile.php?cid=5&lid=43
Lewisboro Lakes Report 2009 - http://www.truesdalelake.com/modules/news/article.php?storyid=118

Posted by rjc23 on 2009/7/16 16:39:34 (68 reads)

Alkalinity: 100
DO (ppm): 12
Secchi (Visibility in ft.): 4
pH: 8.5
Temperature(oF): 76
Aquatic Vegetation Species noted: Potamogeton foliosus (Leafy Pondweed)
Algae Species noted: Filamentous Algae, Unicellular Algae
Treatments Conducted: Truesdale Lake was treated with copper sulfate for algae control. Water use restrictions were posted. The next scheduled treatment visit is July 27th.

Comments: Water column brown with unicellular algae. Trace amount of floating and benthic filamentous algae scattered along the shoreline. Small patch of dead and/or dying Leafy Pondweed at launch end of lake.

We asked Allied for some additional 'layperson' comments about the testing and Glenn Sullivan, president of Allied Biological, wrote:

"There are a few things of note on this survey, most relating to the algae. The DO (dissolved oxygen) is adequate for fish, but at 76 F, it is actually above saturation. That means at night the DO probably is less than desirable (it reverses at night as plants and algae respirate), and could influence fish or nutrient release. The secchi (clarity) is acceptable, but also less than desirable. Both of these reflect the presence of abundant algae in the water column, which is why the algaecide treatment was needed.

The survey notes the presence of one plant, and only in the south end of the lake. From a swimming perspective this is good, but ecologically it is not.

Any lake should support a diversity of plants in at least 20-30% of the lake area. Obviously, when a lake's entire shoreline is developed, and the lake is shallow, plants become "weeds" and are often removed. That is the way the lake has always been managed. We have tried to encourage plants in areas where they might be acceptable (water greater than 6'), but that hasn't been very successful. Unfortunately there isn't a reliable method of introducing submersed aquatic plants to areas you want them.

(To view pictures of the plants surveyed, go to their website, www.alliedbiological.com and click on the Plant Identification tab)

Click here to download a pdf copy of treatment and survey report. Right-click (control-click on a Mac) and choose "save as..." if you want to save it to your computer.

Posted by admin on 2009/6/17 15:00:59 (86 reads)

Alkalinity: 115
DO (ppm): 8
Secchi (Visibility in ft.): 8
pH: 8
Temperature(oF): 70
Aquatic Vegetation Species noted: Potamogeton foliosus (Leafy Pondweed)
Algae Species noted: Filamentous Algae
Treatments Conducted: A copper sulfate treatment was conducted on June 15th. Treatment notices were posted around the lake.

(To view pictures of the plants surveyed, go to their website, www.alliedbiological.com and click on the Plant Identification tab)

Comments: Leafy Pondweed showing clear signs of senescence at this time. There are no leaves attached to the decomposing
stems. Moderate to heavy filamentous algae growth on the decomposed plant material preventing plants from settling to
lake bottom. Sparse to heavy filamentous algae along most of the shoreline and in the north end from the island north
across the lake. The spillway is blocked, but there is very heavy inflow from the inlet stream.

Click here to download a pdf copy of treatment and survey report. Right-click (control-click on a Mac) and choose "save as..." if you want to save it to your computer.

Posted by rjc23 on 2009/6/4 11:33:07 (97 reads)

Alkalinity: 110
DO (ppm): 7
Secchi (Visibility in ft.): 8.5
pH: 7
Temperature(oF): 68
Aquatic Vegetation Species noted: Potamogeton crispus (Curlyleaf Pondweed), Potamogeton foliosus (Leafy Pondweed)
Algae Species noted: Filamentous Algae
Treatments Conducted: none
(To view pictures of the plants surveyed, go to their website, www.alliedbiological.com and click on the Plant Identification tab)

Comments: Curlyleaf pondweed was dying off, however, leafy pondweed was not yet showing signs of Sonar damage. Filamentous algae covered 50% of the surface in the southwest beach. After motoring over it, the algae was submerged and occupied less than 10% of the surface. Two FasTEST samples were taken, sample A from the north (outlet), Sample B from the southern end. The aeration system filter and four stones on each of the 3 diffusers were replaced, and the diffusers were repositioned in a straight line along the south rope.

Posted by rjc23 on 2009/6/3 12:54:18 (93 reads)


The prime objective of our racing series is to have fun and encourage us all to leave our lawn maintenance, desk work and other chores and spend some time out on our beautiful Truesdale Lake.

A summer Sunfish series of 20 races will be held, with 2 races each Sunday, the first beginning at 1:30 p.m. Practice & fun races will be held in June. The regular series on the 10 Sundays from June 28- August 30. (Presidents Cup special race on 9/6) Since we only count your best 10 races, you can win the series, and still miss 1/2 the races. If sufficient boats participate- two fleets will compete allowing beginners an easier learning experience otherwise beginners will also be given early starts and minimal rule enforcement.

Summer Sailstice fun races & warm up Saturday June 20: 1:30pm; non-racers welcome
Sign up at http://www.summersailstice.com for a chance to win prices and/or buy T-shirts etc.
Full Moon regatta Sunday July 5, 8:45pm (all boats welcome put a lantern on your dock)

The winner keeps the fleet trophy for a year.

Two official races will be run each Sunday. A race will be canceled if no boat finishes within one hour of the start. The winner of the series will be determined by adding up the scores for each boat's best 10 races out of a possible 20. Ties will be broken by counting the number of firsts.

1 point for starting (register with race committee),
1 point for finishing
1 point for each boat you beat, 1/2 point for first place finish
Results posted at: http://www.truesdalelake.com

[more below...]

Read More... | 7380 bytes more | Comments?

Posted by rjc23 on 2009/5/28 14:07:42 (95 reads)

Each spring at the lake edges you will see signs of Sunfish spawning. The sunfish create circular 'nests' by fanning away debris and exposing the rocks or sand below. They aggressively defend these nests from others in the water, including humans. If you have ever been wading in the water of Truesdale Lake and been rammed in the legs by a sunfish when you get too close to their nest you will know what I mean. They look small but you will be in for a surprise when they swim into your legs.

Another spring and early summer sight is dead sunfish along the bank. Based on information from the Connecticut DEP, we can say that this is a natural part of the sunfish life cycle, affecting the weaker fish during and after spawning.

from the story here:

The state Department of Environmental Protection and the city said the problem appears to strictly involve sunfish, noting there are other fish, birds and turtles at the pond showing no ill effects. The DEP said that happens every year in New Britain and other parts of the state, to varying degrees, because it's the spawning season for the species.

"The sunfish have a virus or bacteria when they spawn," Parks and Recreation Commission Director Bill DeMaio said. "I'm told that they don't eat properly and they become less healthy, just like human beings would be if you didn't eat, and they pass the bacteria to each other."

Fish deaths can also be caused in a number of other ways. Smaller fish can be chased into shallow water by larger predators and get stuck in weeds and unable to get free. Also, in warmer months, the oxygen levels of the lake go down as the water heats up. This causes the weaker fish to die off.

Truesdale Lake has tens of thousands of fish all different sizes. Our lake manager, Allied Biological, has said that dead fish are nothing to get alarmed about in small quantities (10+ on a typical waterfront) and are normal for lakes. However, if you notice dead fish in larger quantities (over 100) then there may be something else going on and please let us or Allied know.

Posted by rjc23 on 2009/5/17 22:15:11 (111 reads)

The Lewisboro Lakes Report is available for download at this website by clicking on the Lewisboro Lakes link on the left hand side of this web page.

The materials available are the original report (from February 6, 2009) in its entirety as well as fact sheets for each of the seven lakes broken out. There is also the MS Access file available to download if you want to delve into the data.

The May 2009 presentation of the report to the Town Board and public is also available at the same link.

Posted by rjc23 on 2009/5/11 14:31:57 (137 reads)

The Allied Biological boat will be out Monday, May 18th (weather permitting) for the first Truesdale Lake treatment of 2009.

Write or call if you have questions.

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