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South Salem, New York

September 28, 2016
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Invasive Plants Guide

Screenshot 9:5:15, 4:23 PM-2If you have ever wondered whether certain plants in Truesdale Lake are invasive, this free PDF booklet will tell you. We have a couple of species shown in the book, but fortunately not many.

The book is a project of Michigan State University. It has a substantial listing of plants from in, above, and around lakes. Even though it was written with Michigan lakes in mind, the possible invasive species are the same ones that can be found around the Northeast.

Thanks to the New York State Federation of Lake Associations for making us aware of this fantastic free lake resource.

Available for Download Here.

And please don’t forget to get boat stickers for your boats — it helps to keep the invasive plant and animal species out of the lake by keeping boats local. 

September 12, 2016
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Septic Pumping Discount for Truesdale Lake Residents

Older (circa 2014) septic tank pumping map.

Older (circa 2014) septic tank pumping map.

We have good news: Earth Care is offering a discount on septic pumping and maintenance to Truesdale Lake area residents (EarthCare was formerly Kaiser-Battistone, both are now part of Wind River Environmental) . Cost for pumping tanks 1,000 gallons or smaller is $280.00 (regular cost is $320.00) with an additional environmental disposal fee and a digging fee. I have attached their Truesdale Lake letter to this article.

A well maintained population of septic tanks and systems in our watershed is vital to the ongoing health of Truesdale Lake.

EarthCare Letter to Truesdale Residents

EarthCare Letter to Truesdale Residents

Westchester County law requires septic systems be pumped at a minimum every 5 years. Septic pumping companies in Westchester have been required to report their pumping activities to the county since 2011. The county now has a list of the status of all septic tanks in the county. At some point this information will be publicly available online in the Westchester County GIS system.

Starting in May 2016 if you have not pumped your septic in the last 5 years, you can be fined starting at a minimum of $200 and increasing from there.


Click above image to view EPA brochure on Septic Systems

Most households need pumping done more frequently than every 5 years. Recommendations are at least every 2-3 years to maintain an optimal working septic system. This is dependent on the number in the household and the size of the septic tank. Many lake area septic tanks are smaller size and need more frequent pumping — some as much as once a year.

A septic system is not something you want failing at your house. It is very expensive ($10-20,000 and up) to rebuild a failed septic system, especially with limited acres to place a new field.

Earth Care included a brochure for septic systems that has helpful information on septic systems. Or you can click on the image to the right for the EPA Septic Brochure.

Contact name and number for Earth Care is Angela Warren at 800-428-6166 ext. 101.

If you have a question about septic systems and the law in Westchester County, call Patty Tornello-Adams at (914) 864-7360.


September 9, 2016
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Treatment Report from September 1, 2016

Solitude Lake Management came to inspect and treat the lake Thursday, September 1st, 2016. They were able to do only a partial treatment due to lake conditions. Excerpt of report below:

Water column heavy with unicellular algae.  Elodea throughout the lake. Less filamentous algae along shorelines than previous visit.  South end of lake looks very bad as topped out Elodea and dead filamentous algae are causing stagnant water. Unable to treat this area.

This is likely the final treatment for the 2016 season.


August 24, 2016
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Algae Treatment Report from August 18th, 2016

Solitude Lake Management came on Thursday August 18th to inspect, test, and treat the lake. Since the conditions were favorable (good dissolved oxygen levels), the algae treatment was performed.

From the report (also attached):

Inspected Lake: Observed elodea, lilies, unicellular and floating filamentous algae. Lake conditions similar to previous visit with slightly diminished water quality.

Moderate filamentous algae remains in south end of lake, but over 50% of visible floating algae is dead. It is just sitting on top of moderate bed of elodea (topped out or just below surface). Lake green throughout, but previous treatment seems to have gotten rid of trace blue-green clumps. North lake clear of plants in corner but maintains moderate band of elodea and filamentous algae.

Some of this algae is dead as well, but has no place to drop out because of plants. Copper sulfate applied for unicellular algae control.

Screenshot 8:23:16, 10:50 PM-2

August 22, 2016
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Lake Loop in Church Tavern Biathlon Labor Day Monday

2016-08-10 18.35.22Who Will Take The Tankards?” – The sign at the end of Spring Street near St John’s Church has popped up again! What does it mean?

It means the Church Tavern Biathlon is ready for its 6th year! The 7 mile biking portion of the course circles Lake Truesdale in a counter-clockwise manner while the run portion follows a shorter 4 mile course where runners catch a glimpse of the lake.

DSC_5728-X3The South Salem Church Tavern Biathlon, is hosted by St. John’s Church and will take place on Labor Day, September 5th at 9:30am. The biathlon is returning for its sixth year in 2016.

The bike course starts at St. John’s at the corner of Spring Street and Route 35, travels down Spring Street, up Church Tavern road and back down to Spring Street where it backtracks to Lake Shore Drive then Truesdale Lake Drive. The course takes a right onto Salem Lane and then rejoins Truesdale Lake Drive for a bit (right turn) before making a left onto Boway then next left onto Country Lane onto Hoyt over the dam and then up Bouton Street (not Gilbert) up the hill.

Church Tavern Biathlon Bike Course

Church Tavern Biathlon Bike Course

At the intersection of Bouton and Lake Shore the course continues down Lake Shore Drive on the west side of the lake. Bikers make the final right turn onto Spring Street for the last half mile and then transition to the running leg.

The running course is out and back on Spring Street with the Church Tavern loop thrown in again in case you didn’t get enough of the hill the first time around on the bike!

There will be prizesBBQ, and music immediately following the event.


Will you be taking a tankard?

Locally the event supports The Community Center of Northern Westchester. Nationally, it supports Puppies Behind Bars – benefiting veterans with guide and support dogs. Each is a very worthy cause and each does a great job fulfilling their missions responsibly.

To sign up for the Biathlon (7 mile bike, 4 mile run) visit the registration page here: You can register as individual ($35), team relay ($50) or to walk the course ($20).

The Run/Walk participants will be timed this year and will leave soon after the Biathlon start. You still get a medal, free BBQ, and the satisfaction of knowing you helped three great charities.

If you are not planning to run, come out and cheer the runners & bikers on! Or volunteer!

Contact Fred Rueck with any questions about the race ( or if you’d like to become a volunteer, a sponsor, or a booster.

[More photos here]

August 4, 2016
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August 4th, 2016 Algae Treatment

Solitude came to the lake and did a survey and algae treatment today. Photo and report below.


From Report:

Aquatic Plants Observed: Elodea, Lilies, Duckweed

Algae Observed: Benthic and Floating filamentous algae, Unicellular

Heavy Elodea throughout almost entire lake with plants at the surface in most of south lake and just below surface along shorelines. Patches of moderate to heavy floating filamentous algae cover approximately 20% of the lake surface, mostly in the coves and along shorelines. Benthic filamentous algae also collecting on the Elodea plants throughout the lake. Water appears very green with unicellular algae, especially in northern end of lake, resulting in poor water clarity. Blue-green algae is beginning to clump up in some areas. Trace Duckweed and Lilies in north end of lake along shoreline.

A Treatment was performed with copper sulfate to combat algae problems.

Screenshot 8:9:16, 4:12 PM-3

July 30, 2016
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Lake Treatment and Survey Report – July 21st, 2016

Screenshot 7:30:16, 3:42 PM

Truesdale Lake was treated with Copper Sulfate for algae control on 7/21/16.

From the report:

7/21/16 Treatment and Survey of Lake Truesdale

Observed elodea, white lilies, and duckweed along with floating filamentous algae and unicellular algae. Princeton hydro is working hard with harvester on tracks. I applied copper sulfate to the entire shoreline for floating filamentous algae. There are dense patches of elodea scattered around the shoreline where there are dense matts of FFA colonizing on it. Fragments of elodea floating on the surface of the entire lake. Water is turning green.

July 25, 2016
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Summer Squall Chases Harvester to Shore

A late afternoon thundershower chased the harvester back to dry land as quickly as the treads could drive it across the lake. See photo attached. Fortunately better weather is in the forecast for tomorrow.

Harvester hurries back to land after a sudden thundershower cracks open the skies. (Photo by Rob Cummings)

Harvester hurries back to land after a sudden thundershower cracks open the skies. (Photo by Rob Cummings)


July 21, 2016
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Harvester in Action

Some photos and video of the Princeton Hydro Truxor amphibious weed assault vehicle in action. Piloted by Matthew of Princeton Hydro.

Harvester Removing Weeds
[KGVID width=”640″ height=”360″ downloadlink=”true”][/KGVID]


July 18, 2016
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Harvester Arrival

We have contracted with Princeton Hydro to mechanically harvest weeds using their “Truxor” amphibious vehicle with multiple attachments. See photos for details.

They will be here for the next week+. Work will start tomorrow morning (Tuesday 7/19).

More “action shots” & video to follow once it is in the water and working.

20160718-DSC_7335 20160718-DSC_7337